Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not ready yet...!

It has been a little over 3 months since Buddy left this earth...and admittedly not a day goes by that I don't think of him - sometimes along with a few tears. A space has been dedicated in my yard where he will be remembered... between the three lilacs that grace the side of the yard with a peaceful view of the lake...it is comfortable there, and I know he appreciates the view.

It seems that every other day a puppy will cross my path - a news story, a small child walking with his friend in the park, or a fuzzy friend flailing out of a truck that rumbles down the country road....ears flopping, tongue wagging and that look on his face that tells you... this is the life!
Sunday evening, while dining at the Golf Course, "Tent Style", I could hear a dog announcing his presence out the back of the tent - I did not pay too close attention until I went to leave - I caught sight of her through the back of the tent...and what a beautiful sight she was! A lovely golden retriever about 3 years old... I had to stop. Just gorgeous...the right size, soft and loving... she licked my hand (she could probably taste the chocolate dessert I dared to have! (busted!) She cuddled up beside me as if to say "I'm so happy you stopped to say hello.... let me lean on you awhile!" and she did.
Reluctantly I left... knowing her master would be along shortly to take her home...I am still thinking of her - I think I'm ready.

I continue to peruse the websites that appeal to the weak at heart... Rescue Shelters, and tacky want ads - I frequent YouTube, specifically for "funny dogs" videos, just to get my fix.
Some of the shelter ads are quite amusing - people desperately trying to convince you that this dog would be perfect for you, and you and you! It appears they have hired marketing guru's to assist in their efforts to "get rid of their puppies"
Well the owner of this little fellow almost has me hooked... his name is Rosco... but that can be changed....
It would mean a trip to Pennsylvania... what a coincidence, I will be there in 4 weeks...
no, no, no... not yet...I'm not ready... or am I?

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James C Morton said...

I love this entry -- moving and yet somehow it made me smile. Thanks Skippy!