Friday, July 4, 2008

Friendly Neighbourhood Loo!

Prior to building this house..... the land was a plush carpet of green grass, flourishing shrubs of various sorts, flowering weeds and a forest of towering pines and spruce. Last April when we broke ground, I'm sure nature's little creatures wondered what on earth was happening to their homeland... they likely felt like the people of the war torn country's - devastating earthquakes, bombs and fire threatening their very being.
The one solitary creature that seemed to harbour no resentment or show the least amount of fear was the neighbourhood cat. I call him Morris. Dirt everywhere - mounds of new earth, dirt and gravel - ripe for depositing his waste around every corner.
Now that the house is built, the grass is in and work continues in the back gardens ... Morris still thinks this is his paradise... Each morning I sit with my coffee and book on the deck and watch begrudgingly as he saunters through the yard - glancing at me as if to say, "thanks for your hospitality" ... he is plotting his next dropping spot...
Part of my morning ritual is a stroll around my new front garden - watching the shrubs and blooms settle into their new home... and each morning my blood pressure rises ever so slightly when I come across a dozen or so neat little paw prints weaved through the freshly groomed flower beds... hrrmmph... what to do... I cant catch him in the middle of the night with a quick spray of the hose...
The web search begins...and within minutes, EUREKA!! ... my Gardening Idol - Mark Cullen has the solution! - A recipe to end Morris' foray into my garden - or rather, the local Kitty Loo!
Simple... normal ingredients... quick and easy - Thank you Mark Cullen!
I'm off to the kitchen to seek out my blender!
Mark Cullen's cat repellent recipe *
· one garlic bulb
· one onion (smelly)
· one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce
· one litre of water
Mix the ingredients in a blender and pour it on. Repeat after heavy rain.
Be warned Morris... your lavatory is soon to be demolished!

I will let you know if there are any kitty prints in my garden tomorrow morning!

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James C Morton said...

I have the sense you're more of a dog person...