Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Quirky Stuff You Find on Kijiji! #1

OMG I have to have this!
Well, 'tis the season to hunt down that special something for that special someone! 

Some shop online at popular chains, others travel far and wide to deep pockets of the province and beyond, others decide it might be prudent to have a Kijiji Christmas for one reason or another! 

As I searched for an interesting lamp for my "in process" recreation room...I came across some very weird and quirky items! 

Just one look and you can understand why they are selling these things...they were either gifts from very mean friends, or they had a spurt of "OMG I have to have this" at the neighbour's yard sale last summer...then reality sunk in ..."WTF" was I thinking!? Yeesh! I'm going to see if someone out there in cyber space has their own "OMG I have to have this" moment!

Here is the 1st in a series of "Quirky Stuff You Find on Kijiji"!  Enjoy...

If you are having one of those OMG moments....and you just "have to have" this lovely floor lamp, do a search for "Floor Lamp" in Durham Region...and it's all yours for $50.00.

Best for Last....The description
Almost never used as it does not match the decor in my living room.

'ya think?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Travelling Blues - Is she coming back?

Travelling this weekend - pups see the suitcase out...I think they assume I'm leaving for good! (the suitcase is not that big!) No worries my little will be back on Sunday...keep the bed warm :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Addition-Elle

You have been good to me over the last few years - soothed my serial shopping addiction and cured my wardrobe dressed me in style and reasonable comfort, and although I hated your label sizes you still satisfied my needs.
But sadly (happily) I've made some changes in my life, I no longer need you and please forgive me but I don't think I'm in love with you any more... To be perfectly blunt...I never want to see you again. I will never be back...
Please be strong and don't take this too hard - always remember's not's me... 
PS - I must confess that I have left you for someone else - Reitman's - the regular size section! (I know its a bit incestuous...but I've always been somewhat of a rebel at heart! :-)

CUTE! Little Boy and His Dog

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its my Birthday, and I'll wear what I want to!!

Sir Jake, sporting the latest in fashion - "the fascinator" Inspired by Kate Middleton in 2010, the "fascinator" has become fashionable again!

Seen here in a beautiful beige suede felt with golden and black feathers, a touch of black lace and a square weaved, beaded metal ornament.

Its a shame that Beatrice and Eugenie did not consult Sir Jake prior to selecting their attire for the Royal Wedding!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jake! xoxo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its a Dog's Life...Puppy Play Date - April 2011

Time for a pose through the railing....

From left to right, Dawson (17 years - Australian Shepherd), Jake (3 years - Yellow Lab), Tucker (1 year - Australian Shepherd), Missy (9 months, Border Collie)

I swear they are all smiling! :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

A rich man's city! A few comments on Vegas

Las Vegas... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and that means most of your money!
For those of you hoping to strike it rich in Vegas, remember; "Vegas was not built on Winners!" and you can certainly see that from this "over the top" city!

A bit of trivia...
  • Did you know that when Paul Anka first played there, he was too young to enter the casino?
  • The Flamingo is named after a long legged showgirl girlfriend of Bugsy Siegel!
  • Howard Hughes bought the Desert Inn because he was asked to leave for overstaying his welcome!
  • Visitors to Vegas top over 37.5 million every year!
  • 17 of the 20 largest hotels are in Vegas...
Do you ever wonder?
How much more stress can Lake Mead take to fuel this over the top city?
Tons and tons of water flowing in almost every hotel... Mead has dropped over 100 feet in the last 10 years...

to be continued....