Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Lady next door

Here is my little friend... the "Lady" next door!
A little beagle mix pup that has been hanging around our house the last several months. I call her "Lady", but i'm uncertain of her name. The poor little dear has lost an eye and is very sensitive if you try and pat her on her head... no doubt because of the trauma that resulted in her eye injury. She lives down the road, but almost every day the last few weeks she stops by for a visit... she thinks this is her second home. I've been sharing some of Jake's' liver treats with this "Lady" next door. A well mannered, polite little pup, maybe 4 or 5 - she sits eagerly for a treat, lifting her paw to try and shake your hand. I wonder if she sense's Jakes' impending arrival! I look forward to their first meeting; when she comes to lie on the mat outside the patio door, the door flies open and out bounces a little puppy to greet her!