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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Things You Find on Kijiji

Glancing around for a couch for a friend and I came across this ad.

Seriously? Are you selling the kids and toys? or the furniture!?
Cute kids, but I'm not in the market. Interested in the couch and chairs? Go to Kijiji and look for Ad ID 1003106384

Some people need lessons in Marketing...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Elbow Grease is FREE!

Here is a sad little kitchen that was thrown together with not much thought. There is cluttter on the counter and on the fridge (oh those dratted fridge magnets!), coloured tea lights on the dividing wall and "spice bottles" on the stove hood! The dining table is squished up against the wall to make more room for a freezer.

Now, keeping in mind this is a rental unit, most people don't want to put much into decorating; totally understandable. Also this is a lower level apartment that is a bit dated (white appliances, brassy hardware, tulip shade light fixture) but the size is good and the appliances are quite decent. Sometimes if you speak to your landlord and ask him if you can make some changes, they are quite keen! Especially if you are DIYing it. You are not doing any harm, in fact you are increasing the value of his property and at the same time increasing the satisfaction value to you! Which is important to your well being and comfort. Go ahead and ask them - the worse thing that can happen is they say "no". In which case, make changes that you can "take with you".

Making it cozy!
Change up the hardware, tidy up the counters, bring in your nice dining set a coat of paint and a few shelves with some nice simple pieces and voila; a warm friendly kitchen that makes you want to sit and have a good chin wag over coffee!
Another dark shelf was added over the sink to hold a small pot and painting. The light fixture was also updated.
Total cost? About $160.00 ($75.00 for hardware, $35.00 for shelves, $30.00 for paint, $20.00 for light fixture) and no charge for elbow grease to clean and shine everything spotless! (well, we did have a bottle or two of wine during the fluffing!)
Don't forget to colour coordinate when possible... red gives the space a bit of a pop, as well as warmth and harmony to an otherwise dreary space.

All the World is a Stage

Yes, the world is a stage, however for some of us our homes are our worlds!
Our homes are where we laugh, we entertain, we cry, where we live our lives.

We want to feel comfortable in our homes; why not bring out some of your personality into your space.

We dont have to be Candice Olsen, Eric McClelland or Brian Gluckstein with pods of money to throw into your space... you can design on a dollar or two with amazing results... use and re use your lovely things you already own!

Just move them around, paint, reconfigure - "change the set" and put your home "on stage"!

I'm combining my "On Stage" blog with this one for ease of use - I hope to give you some creative ideas that will only cost a few dollars to transform your space into something unique and enjoyable that will be within your budget.

We will try and focus on helping those that are selling their homes and want it looking "just so" for potential buyers.

Follow me; and send me your comments, ideas and suggestions

Too White? or Just Right?

What do you think of this living room?  Is it just right? or is it too white?

Photo: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Bucket List (Bucket Book)

Words of Advice 
  1. Don’t try to write it all at once. It is an evolution..a working document.
  2. Think outside the box. Think random - you have a lifetime to fulfil these goals!
  3. Target different areas of your life. Travel, hobbies, finances, careers, relationships, activities, these are all great things to consider when building out a lifetime list. 
  4. Break it into two items.  I want to learn to Tango - Do the Tango in Argentina! Having a purpose for the locations you want to travel to can make your trip that much more fulfilling when you actually accomplish it.
  5. Read other people’s lists. (43things, Project 183, Sean Ogle's blog)
  6. Choose easy, cheaper,goals - it will give you a sense of accomplishment
  7. Include something you can do TODAY. Don't think "some-day" - think "today" There are plenty of things you can do right now that you have always said you wanted to do, but just never made the time to start.  Well now is that time.
  8. Post it publicly. Do a blog!
  9. Set goals. i.e. do 5 things per year, or everything by the time you are 50.
  10. Use both broad and targeted goals.i.e go to NYC - "do something newsworthy"

Have fun! The whole idea is to start making steps to do the things you want to do with your life. So don’t stress about it - if you are finding it hard to accomplish a particular goal, work on something else!  

You do have some time...but best to start today!

Thank you Sean Ogle for these tips - my "Bucket Book" is in the works!