Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Quirky Stuff You Find on Kijiji! #1

OMG I have to have this!
Well, 'tis the season to hunt down that special something for that special someone! 

Some shop online at popular chains, others travel far and wide to deep pockets of the province and beyond, others decide it might be prudent to have a Kijiji Christmas for one reason or another! 

As I searched for an interesting lamp for my "in process" recreation room...I came across some very weird and quirky items! 

Just one look and you can understand why they are selling these things...they were either gifts from very mean friends, or they had a spurt of "OMG I have to have this" at the neighbour's yard sale last summer...then reality sunk in ..."WTF" was I thinking!? Yeesh! I'm going to see if someone out there in cyber space has their own "OMG I have to have this" moment!

Here is the 1st in a series of "Quirky Stuff You Find on Kijiji"!  Enjoy...

If you are having one of those OMG moments....and you just "have to have" this lovely floor lamp, do a search for "Floor Lamp" in Durham Region...and it's all yours for $50.00.

Best for Last....The description
Almost never used as it does not match the decor in my living room.

'ya think?

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