Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Dilemma

After a visit with my bestest friend last weekend, I have my plan for my garden... well at least I thought i did. I found some design ideas on the web and after carefully reviewing and plotting and "listing" with her I set off in search of "shrub deals"....shrubs and a few blooms no later than the end of June..... and another good hunt in September for more shrubs - this is the plan.

I really had no idea what i was looking for - the names would sound familiar, but once i saw the plant, it was not what i expected... after getting "so exciting" on finding a "Cotoneaster"... my heart sunk when i actually saw the photo of the would be grown shrub... hmmph... not quite what i was looking for...

a few bargains here and a few splurges there....i have what i call a "start" on my gardens. A peony - an award winning peony to boot!, a few boxwoods and Eonymous, a Sand Cherry and hosta's already in.... a Wigelia, some Veronica, and Lily of the Valley waiting patiently on my deck to be meticulously placed in just the right spot... i will retreat to the garden for awhile this morning.

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