Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Who Law Is It Anyway?

I'm all for bicycle riders having their place on the roads in many places.

But recently, Toronto has brought in some new laws for motorists with regards to bicycles...  if you open your door and a bike slams into your door - you are responsible, and fined.  If you drive across a line into a bike lane, you are fined.  Not moving over (into opposing traffic) to pass by a biker, you are fined. And they go on...

Yesterday, (day 1 of the new laws) I'm driving down Brock St South just coming into Brooklin, north of Whitby, ON,  when  I see 3 cyclists coming at me - one on the opposite side of the road, one coming up the centre yellow lane, and another on my right about to speed past my passenger door...or so I thought!

I slow down wondering "where on earth are they going"... and in a split second - they all turned and cut in front of me to turn (their left) to get onto a side road!

I'm going 60 km - they are doing about the same and I could feel that something could go horribly wrong.

I'm tired of hearing "bikes have rights too"... and "cars don't care about bikes"... in this case...I'm sorry - but the rules need to be reviewed for the cyclists too.

If anything had happened, I would have received the fine - or worse, a jail sentence!

#whosruleisit #cyclistrights #autorights #unfairlaws #wheresmylawyer #roadhogs

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