Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Re- Do on a Little Telephone Table

This little end table sat in my childhood home for decades.  It was fondly referred to as "the telephone table".  Yes, the telephone sat on it (remember those?).

But, it's main purpose, was the central communication hub!

The top drawer held the notepads, and pencils and pens to use when you went out somewhere, 

Heaven forbid, you didn't leave a note when you left.. 

This was also where notes for potential callers were left...i.e. "If so, and so calls - I'm at this location" or, "I'll be back at 5"

The bottom drawer held the phone books, and a dust cloth or two...

When mom moved to her new residence, I scored the "telephone table". 

It sat in the basement, it sat in the spare room, it sat in the living room, back to the basement again... 

Then a friend refinished a little table with chalk paint recently - so I thought HEY... I'm going to give the telephone table some new life...

So here it is...

To enjoy for another few decades perhaps?

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