Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not one more minute please

6:00 am at the emergency room with partner...recurrence of stomach pain...

Woman across the hall coughing incessantly. ...nurse puts her on oxygen for ten
More coughing. ..

7:15 am Gentleman coughing up a lung kitty corner to our vestibule. ..not sure if its from smoking or a cold...

Woman complains to nurse that she forgot about her...not so

8:45 am Gentleman arrives by ambulance...bleeding...distressed, on oxygen and is, to be blunt. ..obese...i look over and catch a glimpse of his feet. They are engorged. ..and quite frankly. .blue.

More coughing,  and vomiting

Another ambulance. ...hernia issues. ..he is  lethargic, not well.

Woman on oxygen is coughing...Gentleman continues to cough up a lung. ..

900 am ...Partners blood work back...amalyase count elevated. ..ultrasound scheduled for 930.

Coughing from three or more v estibules...where are the face masks?

1015 am back from ultrasound. ...waiting... More moaning,  coughing,  and distress from surrounding cells.

Bells and alarms sounding....
There are many nurses...a Dr. or two...a resident.  And they are all busy.

Partner sleeping. ..morphine is quite effective apparently.

More coughing,  hacking, and moaning.

The obese blue footed gentlemen  is whisked away...somewhere down the hall, through the ominous doors. .. wishing him well.

More coughing. ...

4 technicians are obsessively cleaning room 13 (where the blue footed gentlemen was) good to know

The only good thing about this is that all the "inmates" seem to be here for a reason. ..and i know that i dont want to be here for one more minute.

Take care of yourself people.

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