Sunday, January 12, 2014

All the World is a Stage

Yes, the world is a stage, however for some of us our homes are our worlds!
Our homes are where we laugh, we entertain, we cry, where we live our lives.

We want to feel comfortable in our homes; why not bring out some of your personality into your space.

We dont have to be Candice Olsen, Eric McClelland or Brian Gluckstein with pods of money to throw into your space... you can design on a dollar or two with amazing results... use and re use your lovely things you already own!

Just move them around, paint, reconfigure - "change the set" and put your home "on stage"!

I'm combining my "On Stage" blog with this one for ease of use - I hope to give you some creative ideas that will only cost a few dollars to transform your space into something unique and enjoyable that will be within your budget.

We will try and focus on helping those that are selling their homes and want it looking "just so" for potential buyers.

Follow me; and send me your comments, ideas and suggestions

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