Monday, May 20, 2013

A Lesson Learned

From Melissa M.H. in Angola Indiana.

This story brought tears to my eyes - Although my kids are considerate and thankful most times - I'm sure they would have benefited even more so with a lesson like this...

Two Christmas's ago my then 12 yr old son made a very rude and hurtful comment about a gift he had received. It wasn't the exact one he wanted, so as calmly as I could I quietly took the gift (still in its box) and set it aside. 

About an hour later he went to play with it. I immediately stopped him and explained to him how very, very fortunate he was. And how his comment had hurt my feelings. 

As he started to apologize and back pedal-I told him how much I appreciated his apology, however, he would not be getting this gift and that one of two things were going to happen; either he was going to think about all of his classmates/friends/church family etc., and HE could choose whom he thought would not normally get such a gift and give it to them OR I would make the decision-but either way, he was not keeping it.

He threw a fit, cried and carried on, which I completely ignored even though this situation was breaking my heart.

A few hours had gone by, when I noticed my son sitting on the floor carefully re-wrapping the gift. 
I sat down next to him and watched as he concentrated on getting it just right. When he was finished he looked up at me and said "Jack's" dad doesn't have a job anymore so they probably didn't get very many toys, can we please take this to him right now?

I privately called "Jack's" mother to explain the situation to make sure it was "ok"- the last thing I wanted to do was offend anybody. 

My son was silent the entire ride there and the entire ride back. I started to wonder if I had done the right thing! But as we pulled the car into the garage he said "mom I'm sorry". I gave him the biggest hug you could imagine, kissed his forehead and told him how proud I was of him!

And every Christmas since then he has either picked one of his gifts or saved his money and bought one, to give to someone he chooses!

All parents and parents "to be" should put this in their box of life lessons...

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