Friday, January 4, 2013

Food Dilemma

As most people do, a new year comes and we vow to eat better, exercise more and take care of ourselves.  I'm not any different.

I've suffered a few losses in the past few months - Two very dear friends (Ron and Sharon) passed away from cancer in the last 3 months - makes you think twice about your choices in food, in activity, in things you do and people you care about.

I look back at 2012 and see that I had a great many successes too - I lost a bit more weight, I got out walking alot more, travelled to a new island, made a few local trips, took up Yoga and the biggest success of all, I quit smoking.  I'm really proud of myself for doing this - 37 years as smoker and I'm done.  Happy about that. 

Strangest thing is, I think my biggest set back was quitting smoking - all the hard work I put in since August of 2011 to lose excess weight was for naught.  Gained it all back - yes, all of 4 measly months, I'm back to where I was in August 2011.

My plan is to haul my ample ass back to Weight Watchers tomorrow (I know it works when you work the plan...) and also make some other changes.

The great book that led me to quit smoking "Allen Carr's Easyway to Quit Smoking" also has a book called "Lose Weight Now"... so I'm reading this and realizing that I need to change alot about the food that goes into my body.  And that's ok - i'm over due for this change!

My Food Dilemma however is this...since 2011 I have stopped buying foods / fruits / veggies that have been shipped in from foreign countries... (i.e I recall WalMart selling Strawberries from Mexico in Ontario in June...WTF? Its strawberry season in Ontario and they are importing from Mexico? I let the manager know I was appauled!)  This just sends me off the deep end... I digress)

So my dilemma is - how do i get in my required fruits and veggies without buying from Peru, or Mexico or Japan?  My morals are going to suffer - my change in purchasing habits will go right back to the way they were before...

In order to cure this overweight problem once and for all, I may have to cave into buying tomatoes and peaches from 8000 km away... I'm not happy about this - but I want to nick this problem in the "butt" literally!

I will come back in a few weeks and update you all on how I try to stick to my morals and stay on plan.

Until next time.

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