Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pre-Approved Mortgage to "view a property"

Ok, i'm stumped. I'm in the market for a little condo to call my own. I have a few in mind that I would like to have a look at.

I contacted the agent to book a showing for a great little 2 bedroom condo later this afternoon. I waited, and waited for a response - original request - Wednesday. (no I didnt pick up the phone and call - i am one of those that prefers to "get things done" through email - mainly so i have my conversations on file for future reference)

In this case it helped... I have text for my Blog!

Here was his basic response that i found at 3:oo am this morning:

"I would be happy to show you xxx but before i do I would like to get your "pre-approval" to save us both alot of time. Would you mind contacting my mortgage agent from XXX Bank. She will get you pre-approved and also provide you with the best possible can meet her at her office or do it over the phone... hope thats ok with you....Regards PB, Broker"

Pardon? Excuse me? Are you kidding me?

I want to see the property, i'm not looking for a new bank, i'm not handing over my "pre-approval" and i'm certainly not making an appointment with "your" mortgage agent - how does he even know i "need" a bank? Perhaps I have $350,000 sitting in a bag under my mattress?

All this for a property valued at about $160K?

I just want to view the darn place to see if it is even "in the running"...

Please tell me I'm missing something here and I am "ranting" for "no good reason"...
Any and all comments will be appreciated and reviewed carefully.

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