Saturday, July 19, 2008

"There might be bugs on some of you mugs, but there aint no fleas on me!"

Although a decision could not be made when I first met the litter, it only took a few days until I returned .... I knew I wanted a boy. There is something a little easier about the whole spay / neuter process with having a boy... sorry guys... but its the truth. Not only easier for the pup, but on the pocket book too... I know... if you have to worry about vet bills you should not be getting a dog... but if you can budget a little bit where possible, whats wrong with that!?!
Seriously... i like boy puppies better... they are known to be a little "suckier"... which I like... (something to be said for human boys too... :-) maybe something to do with Buddy... I don't know, but I decided on a boy...
The owner was wonderful - I'll call her "V" - she hurried off an email to me first thing Tuesday morning and alerted me to the fact that "another family was coming around 5:30 to choose a puppy", "not certain which one they were after, but wanted to make sure you got the one you wanted!" My plans were to be there between 6 and 7 ... "schedule revision!" I bolted from the office at 2:30 and made it to the farm at 4:50 pm! She was not even there yet - but shortly after five, V pulled in, waved at me and rushed to grab the two little boys I was interested in... I assumed I would have at least a good half hour alone with them on the front lawn....but lo and behold; not 5 minutes after a short frolic with the pups - a large red van careened up the driveway, braked, doors flew open, the couple tumbled out with an eight year old fast on their heels... all three racing towards the helpless pups!
I had not made a decision yet... what do I do? I could see that the little blond one was leaning towards my other half and he in turn was leaning towards him... meanwhile, noticing my panic stricken face V calmly asked the family "You didn't mention which one you were interested in?"... without taking a breath they exclaimed "the blond one"!
Resembling a scavenger shopper at a K-Mart flashing light sale, I calmly fumbled for the little red collar from my Coach bag (Note of caution - little pup has taste in handbags!) and slipped it gingerly over his head while announcing firmly... "Sorry, I believe this one's taken!!!"

Snagged !! Too close! I felt like i was eight.... battling over marbles with the other eight year old! Too bad, Jake is mine and he comes home August 9th :-)
Max (the little black one I was also fond of, will go home with the family..... thank heavens, or I might have ended up with both of them!)

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